Covid Eye

Sundog Apr4/2020 Whitehorse Yukon

Ice Inukshuk at Carcross yt 2020

Created by D Patterson, Carcross

Light and Shadow

Kluane Lake

Clearing the line 2011

WPYR at Canadian Shed, something we won't see again

Little High Falls

Muskoka Ontario


Elsa Yukon old mine headframe

Johnson's Crossing ,Yukon

Whitehorse horse

Tombstone Mtn

Talus Lk Yukon

WW2 Hanger, Watson LakeYT

Talus Lk


Tombstone Mtn at Talus Lk

Tired Iron

Champagne Yukon

WW2 Bridge

Remains of WW2 bridge Yukon

Miners Cabin

Boulder Creek nr Atlin BC

WPYR Engine 73

Leaving Carcross YT Sept28/16


Le DEluge