Morning Sundog


Old and Older

Canada Day Special.Carcross to Bennett on WPYR


Almost a Spirit Bear

In the blue hour


Spring Moment



Fast Mover

NWMP Post , Forty Mile Yukon

Summer of 23 after the Ice jam and subsequent flood


A little magic

Steamy Yukon River and Fireworks Display

Whitehorse December 31 2023

Welcome to Whitehorse

The last time we had two 747s on the ground at Whitehorse was 9/11.

Wrapping up the season

Rest Stop

Yukon Wooky?

Time to fatten up

Fall Light

A Bluemoon and Aurora

Whitehorse, Yukon

Handsome Devil

Colourful Calamity

Takhini Bridge Fire July9/23

Kluane Chilkat International Bike Relay 2023

Breakfast of Champions

When push comes to shove

Sunset Stroll

Near Whitehorse Yukon

At Rest

Moonshine and a Corona

Whitehorse Feb27/23

Yukon Rendezvous fireworks 2023

Whitehorse Yukon

A Walk in the snow ?

That Valentine vibe

Santa Squirrel

Merry Christmas 2022

Just in time

Mother arrives to help her stranded "little one"..



Fall Migration 22

Aurora oct 4/22

Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse Yukon

USAAF C47D crash site near Haines Junction Yukon

Big thank you to Bill Karman o/a Kluane Helicopters

Misty Morning

Alpine Aviation's DHC2 Beaver

Rainbow at Chapman Lake

Painterly times along Canada' s Dempster Highway

Hole in the wall

Dancing aurora near Carcross Yukon

Summer Aurora

August 7/22 at Whitehorse

Alaska Highway

Around Midnight

On the Move

Never gonna hide behind that bush !

Babes in the city



Light, action and cue the Aurora



Spring Aurora


In the blue hour

Ukraine 2022

Behold the Pale Horse

Sign of the times

Big show of public support for the truckers at Whitehorse sunday Jan23/22.

Variation on a theme

Sundog near Whitehorse

Into the gloom

Lining up for PCR tests at Whitehorse. -40c

Whitehorse Dec 31 2021

Overdue end to 2021

Whitehorse Nov4/21

Interesting take on the Clay Cliffs

Aurora Lk Yukon

Raven Flight

Colourful Aurora over Whitehorse Nov3/21

Bottoms Up

Foraging Trumpeters Whitehorse

Trumpeter Family ,Whitehorse Oct22/21

Taking a break before continuing their journey south

Dempster Hwy

Nice Light

Family Outing

Fog in the Yukon River valley

A sure sign that fall is here.

Moonrise at Lake Lebarge

August 28 2021 12am

August Aurora Whitehorse

Under a full moon

Shadow mtns at Annie Lk

Went looking for a sunset, found a mud puddle


Whitehorse Dam

Little Tree

Evening on the "Marge"

Salad Days of Summer

The Closeup

Chow Time

Roadside Amble

Last kick at the cat for aurora season 20/21

Moonlight and Carcross Yukon

Spring Aurora Tagish Yukon

Why I live in Yukon

Spring Hijinks

The Conversation

Surprise Show

Whitehorse Yukon