Benchmark Bandits

Young foxes fitting into the urban life

Last of the ice

Windy Arm, Yukon


Spring2020 Tagish Yukon

Wiley C and the Roadrunner


Southern Lakes near Whitehorse Yukon

Under a Covid sky

Whitehorse Yukon

Harbingers of Spring

Good Bye to 2019

Whitehorse Yukon

Dawson City Daybreak


Aurora nr Whitehorse YT

Oct 25/19

Winter is Coming

Lutak Inlet, Haines Alaska

Sept 29/ 19

Alas, Poor Yorick.....

The Gold is in the moment

Annie Lake Yukon

Some Aurora, a little Milky Way and STEVE

Near Whitehorse August 31/19

"in the cool of the evening"

Moondog at Whitehorse jan10/2020

Light and Shadow

Kluane Lake

HAA KUSTEEYI Celebration Carcross Yukon 2019

Haa Kusteeyi Celebration 2019 Carcross Yukon

Arrival of the canoes

A Gaggle of Mallards

Fiery orb at sunset

Thru the smoke near Whitehorse

The butts have it

Start of the 2019 Yukon River Quest, Whitehorse

In Repose

Along the Alaska Highway

Nap Time

Yackety Yak

Spring at Swan Haven Marsh Lake Yukon


Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous finale 2019

Colourful Burst over Shipyards Park

Yukon Quest 2019

Leaving Whitehorse on the Yukon River

Curious Fox

SS Klondike Whitehorse Yukon

Toe to Toe

Haines Alaska

Drying Out

Haines Alaska

Eagle view

Haines Alaska

Channeling Eliot Porter

Muskoka Ontario

Solstice Show

Whitehorse Yukon

Milky way and Aurora, Yukon

Sept 14/18 Dawson City

Aurora Dawson City Sept14/18

Golden Hour

On the Teslin River at Johnson's Crossing , Yukon

Unexpected Show

Whitehorse August 25/18

Breaking and Entering

Yukon politicians at work.Discovery Days, Dawson City 2018

Dragon's Breath

Windy Arm YT Aug 8/18

State of the "Web"


Wildfire on Windy Arm near Carcross Yukon

Forest Fire reflects on the "Marge of Lake Laberge"

"Pressing the flesh"

Canada Day, Dawson City Yukon, July 1 2018

Breaking Wind on the Yukon

Start of 2018 Yukon River Quest

Bringing home the bacon

Mom and the kids

Waiting for number three

Northern Flicker


At Tagish Yukon

Spring Migration

Incredibly rare species are gracing the new City of Whitehorse Pothole Lakes Conservation Area

Happy New Year

Whitehorse Yukon

Reindeer Herd near the new Inuvik to Tuk Highway

Much different from past years

Dempster Highway Yukon, spring 18

Mirages are back

Start of the Percy Dewolfe Memorial Mail Race

Dawson City, Yukon

DEvil over Haeckel Hill

March 10/18 Aurora ,Whitehorse Yt

Green Light

October Sky

The View

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon

Another at the Arctic Circle, Dempster Highway

Big sky with Sigma 14mm lens

In The Goldfields

Dawson City . Yukon Sept3/17, 14mm Sigma lens

At The Arctic Circle

Dempster Highway, Sept 1 /17, 14mm Sigma lens

Stormy Weather

Slipping the surly bonds

Young Trumpeter Swan at lift off, Tagish Yukon

Waiting for the Royals

Carcross Yukon/ Sept 28/16


Find the Westie

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous 2017

Yukon Quest start Whitehorse Feb4/17

Strong backlight from a low sun adds a certain drama to Ben Good's team as they depart Whitehorse.

Under the Bridge

Carcross Yukon

Yukon Transportation Museum


Stormy Weather

Bove Island Sept 8/16

Dawson City, Sept 3/16

The lights........

Evening Ablutions

Painted Sky

There are sunsets and then there are SUNSETS

Gold Rush Church,Bennett, BC

Dinner Interrupted

One year ago


Tough Guy

Day 2 with Nikon D500

Formation Flying

First outing with Nikon D500

Tundra Action

Swan Haven at Marsh Lake Yukon

Aurora, Fish Lk Yukon

Watching the show

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous

Getting the One Dog Pull off the ground